Who are we?

We are a specialist clothing brand for breastfeeding mothers with an eye on fashion and style and an understanding of the need for practicality and comfort. Breastfeeding is a great privilege but today's lifestyle does not always afford us the ability to fulfill the role easily.



Our aim is to provide clothing that enables easy, fuss-free access for both mother and baby in modern, practical and elegant styles.

Fashionable feeding

Innovative design with style


Milla's unique and innovative feeding access has been devised to provide babies with a comfortable nursing experience and mothers with a practical feeding solution. We are careful to source stylish, quality fabrics that are easy to wash, hold their shape and are comfortable for both mother and baby. Our innovative design incorporates discreet zip access on either side of the top allowing full access to your nursing bra and our in-built modesty bands cover the tummy, ensuring full discretion, giving mums the utmost confidence. Our design is so discreet that garments are not obviously designed for nursing and can be worn long after you have stopped feeding.

"Breastfeeding can be daunting so finding clothing to help remove any anxieties and give new mothers confidence is invaluable."

Milla came about from personal experience of a clothing dilemma. With a social event looming and a two week old baby, finding an outfit that allowed feeding was high on the agenda, but so too was looking great (especially since feeling it was likely to be a pipedream!). Frustratingly combining the two turned out to be harder than hoped for and so, after much research, trial and error, Milla was born.

Camilla, Founder 

Launching a breastfeeding clothing brand had never been in my life plan but it's funny how things turn out. Despite always having an interest in style, when I embarked on this journey, many aspects of the process were new to me. All I knew was that there must be a simpler way to be able to feed my baby without the need to be shrouded in reams of fabric or exposing myself to the world! Milla's unique design is based on simplicity and practicality but all incorporated with style and elegance; something I'd like to think we can all have.

I have loved the journey of establishing Milla and I am excited about what we can bring you in the future. We are here to give new mums clothing to make their breastfeeding life more simple but also more stylish, so if there is anything you are hankering after please let us know, and we will certainly see what we can do.....

Katharine, Creative Director

Having gained valuable experience designing for some of Britain's favourite lifestyle brands, I was keen to combine my existing knowledge with a passion for great design to create the perfect range for Milla.  


Finding fashionable solutions that address the needs of a breastfeeding Mum was the main concept for the collection.  The fabrics that we have chosen are of the best quality and we have spent time working closely with our manufacturing team to ensure a great fit. All these elements combined make the garments unique and timeless. 


After all the hard work it's very rewarding to see the collection come together.  I'm already thinking about what to design next - watch this space! 

We'd love to hear from you so please do contact us if you have any comments...

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