Comments from Milla customers 


The best thing about the top, apart from the excellent quality and stylish design, is it’s functionality!


The top is both designed and made so beautifully and with such quality materials and finish that it really feels like you are wearing something very expensive and very fit for purpose. 


My wife tried this on at the review day and I will be buying her one when we leave. She loved the fit and the fact it looked like a normal top.

You spend 9 months wearing clothes you wouldn't normally wear and then you have your baby and are desperate to get back into your normal clothes. This top from Milla makes you feel normal again but with the convenience for feeding.




I have been rocking these tops for the last few months and they

have received nothing but compliments. Genuinely the best

breastfeeding tops I have found. I now own 3 and am

considering more! Photo attached of me feeding my little one...




This top not only looks beautiful, but feels beautiful too. Every little detail has been thought out, right down to a small zip at the back. This is a top that I actually want to wear. The secret to its success is the lack of flappy bits and tiny holes - there’s only really one problem with it, and that’s that now I’ve tried one I really want to buy them all!


Milla breastfeeding tops are really and truly amazing. I'm on my 3rd month of breastfeeding and it's my favourite nursing top without a doubt, it's simple, hugely practical and super comfy. Love it, love it... Buy loads, you won't regret it.


I love it! Very well made and quality fabric. Will wear beyond breastfeeding too I reckon.


I love the top! The tops are a brilliant idea and so easy to use - I'll be spreading the word. I've attached a couple of photos of me feeding Arthur...












The access to the boob area is great and so much better than a little slot! Much easier for baby to latch on and would be particularly good for a new baby, who is getting the hang of feeding.


I really like my Milla top! The cut is so flattering to my post pregnancy figure without being Mumsy or baggy - thank you!


The neck line of the Brigitte top is not too wide and conceals my feeding bra straps, which are not sexy! The length of the top is also long enough to hide my 'mum tum' and looks great with both my day-to-day gear and my smarter trousers.


I was searching for something to help ease the issues I've been experiencing when feeding and found Milla. I love my tops and think I need one for each day of the week! The modesty band sits so well under the top and covers me completely from bra down. I now feel completely confident feeding in public - thank you!


The length of the sleeves are just short of my wrist which is more flattering and easier when your hands always need washing, after changing nappies etc.


My top (Brigitte top in chalk), survived baby vomit with butternut squash included and the stain came out which is brilliant! It also survived the tumble dryer when it went in by accident.


The weight of the fabric feels and looks excellent quality. I've already had a number of compliments.


When feeding, having the front of the top hanging down conceals the boob which is perfect.


The colours have not faded or blended even after 10+ stain removal washes.


The zips on my top started out being stiff to open but have since eased and are now really simple to use. 



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