Our Design

Milla's unique access design allows mother and baby a comfortable, fuss-free feeding experience. Our innovation is covered by a Design Right and its practicality is devised to make feeding easier for you. There are two discreet openings, one on each front seam, to provide access to either side and we recommend wearing a nursing bra to make feeding even more simple. Our integrated modesty bands, which provide coverage across the tummy, from the bra line to the bottom of the garment, ensure mothers feel comfortable and have full discretion at all times. Our access is so discreet and our designs so timeless that our garments can be worn long after the necessity to feed. (Many non-breastfeeding mothers have said that they wish they were feeding, just so that they can wear our tops!).

Unique, innovative design

Integrated modesty band

Discreet zip access for feeding on both sides


At Milla, we have worked hard to ensure that the products we provide are products that we would be delighted with ourselves. We have forged an excellent relationship with our manufacturing partners to guarantee that our visions come to life in the best possible way. All of our fabrics are sourced personally to ensure quality and style.

Stylishly designed with mums and babies in mind

Our Sizes

Milla garments are all fitted to a standard UK size model....

How to measure




Front length

Front length: measure from the top of the shoulder, where it meets the base of the neck, downwards


Bust: wrap a soft tape measure around your back, across your shoulder blades and under your arms. It should wrap around the fullest part of your bust. The tape needs to be straight and parallel with the floor


Waist: while standing straight, bend to the side and make a note of where your body creases, this is your natural waist. This generally falls between your rib cage and tummy button


Hips: wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips and bottom (approximately 7 to 9 inches below your natural waist)


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